Hail Remains a Constant, Imposing Threat for Those Throughout Texas

bullet imagebullet imageSurprisingly to many people, Texas is the one state that racks up the most damage, in dollar terms, from hail every year. A big reason for that, of course, is the simple size and population of the state, with its sprawling expanses and swelling number of residents both contributing to the toll.

Another, though, is the simple fact that weather in Texas is often stranger than many people would suppose. While the state is generally warm to an extent that befits its relatively southern location, its contours and location means that it gets subjected to some fierce storms. Oklahoma to the north may be better known for experiencing truly dangerous weather in the form of tornadoes, but Texas experiences quite a bit of its own.

Hail storms are the prime sign of this predilection toward extreme weather in Texas. While many places will only experience these events every few years, others face them down with regularity. Unfortunately for residents, many of these number among the most densely populated Texas cities and towns of all.

That means that hail is a real issue for homeowners and businesses in the area, year in and year out. Hail most obviously proves its dangerousness by ruining car finishes and even breaking windows and windshields. It can be every bit as harmful to the more permanent structures, though, that people live and do business in.

One specialist at Roofing Katy TX locals rely upon even estimates that hail accounts for nearly a majority of its emergency calls. As is detailed at http://sugarlandroofingservices.com/katy-roofing-company/, the company sends out crews for any kind of roofing emergency, with damage from hail being the single most frequent reason for these urgent appointments.

Small hail stones, of course, can be pretty easily shed by most roofs. Once they grow to much over a quarter of an inch in diameter, though, hail pellets can start to do some real damage even to those roofs that were installed properly and maintained as needed. Given that hail stones of up to a half inch in diameter are frequently observed in some parts of the state, then, it can be seen how much of an issue hail can be for those who live and work in Texas.